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  • When will my order be shipped?

    Orders are currently shipped on Mondays, unless it's a gift-giving holiday (like Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's + Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, December Holidays). In that case, we will ship orders through the week. Aside from these holidays, to see our next ship date, add something to your cart and note the message at the top of the cart page. This information is also included in e-mailed order confirmations.

    SPECIAL NOTE for MARCH: The Allison's Gourmet office will be closed February 28-March 17 for a much-needed holiday. Orders can still be placed on our website during this time. All orders will be shipped and messages returned March 17.

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  • May I order now for delivery in a few weeks?

    Yes! Simply request your desired delivery date during checkout.

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  • When will I receive my order?

    The number of transit days for each delivery method are counted after the ship date so, for example, if you order 2-day Air on a Saturday, your ship date will be the following Monday, so your package should arrive on Wednesday, which is two days AFTER the ship date. If you are ordering for delivery on a specific date, make sure you have chosen a shipping method that has a compatible time frame. FedEx Air deliveries are the only options with guaranteed transit times. Please note that none of our delivery options allow for Sunday or Monday deliveries since we avoid shipping perishables over the weekend and only Overnight shipping will guarantee Tuesday deliveries.

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  • How long do the various delivery methods take to arrive?

    For this delivery method - Allow this number of days after ship date for delivery:
    Priority Mail - 2-4 Business Days after ship date (Saturday delivery may be possible, but specific delivery dates are not guaranteed by the Post Office)
    3-Day Air - 3 Business Days after ship date
    2-Day Air - 2 Business Days after ship date (Saturday delivery option is $15 additional)
    Overnight - 1 Business Day after ship date (Saturday delivery option is $15 additional)

    Please note: If an incomplete or incorrect address is provided, all delivery guarantees are nullified.

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  • What happens if there is a Weather Delay?

    If there is a delivery delay that is due to weather or any other cause beyond the carrier's control, the delivery guarantee is void. A delivery attempt will be made at the earliest time that conditions permit.

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  • Can my package be Delivered without a Signature?

    We always recommend delivery to an address where someone will be present to accept the delivery. FedEx requires a signature at the time of delivery, you may choose the “Deliver without Signature” option. Please note that this option signifies your agreement to indemnify and hold harmless FedEx and/or Allison's Gourmet from any resulting claims as it is impossible to control where, at what temperature, or under what conditions your order will be delivered. If the delivery address is to an apartment and no one is present at the apartment or at a front desk, the driver may choose not to leave the package even if you select “Deliver without Signature” for security reasons. Additionally, if the recipient has a signature waiver on file with FedEx, our "Deliver Without Signature" policy applies.

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  • Why do I need to add a Chill Pack?

    Due to the perishable nature of chocolate, a Chill Pack is recommended for all orders containing chocolate and shipping to a destination that is above 60 degrees. Please note that Chill Packs only stay cold for 2 days, so if your order requires a chill pack, you must also choose 2-day air shipping.

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  • What is your Guarantee?

    For items containing chocolate or fudge, a chill pack is required year-round in order to benefit from our Guarantee that your goodies arrive in optimal condition. Please note that Chill Packs only stay cold for 2 days, so if your order requires a chill pack, you must also choose 2-day air shipping and deliver to an address where someone is available to accept the delivery or the Guarantee is void.

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  • What happens if I choose an incompatible Shipping Method or omit the Chill Pack?

    We strive to make sure that you always receive our premium products in optimal condition and that every order is covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you choose a slower shipping method than 2-day air or wish to omit the chill pack for heat-sensitive items, you will have the option to Decline our Guarantee during checkout.

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  • What happens if no one is present to accept a FedEx delivery?

    FedEx will make a maximum of 3 delivery attempts, after which the package will be destroyed since our goods are perishable. After the first missed delivery attempt, FedEx will leave a door tag indicating the attempted delivery. At this point, it is possible to request that FedEx hold the package at the station for pick up within 1 day. If a delivery is not successful due to the unavailability of the recipient, another order will need to be placed at your expense.

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  • What if I want to ship to a PO Box or APO Address?

    For PO Boxes or APO addresses, choose Priority Mail as your shipping method, as FedEx does not deliver to these addresses.

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  • What does it mean if there are white areas on my chocolate?

    No need for concern. Chocolate is temperature sensitive. In transit, temperature fluctuations can occur and cause some of the cocoa butter to rise to the surface of the chocolate or "bloom". This is a cosmetic issue only and does not affect the flavor or quality of the chocolate.

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