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  • When will my order ship?

  • Most orders are shipped on Tuesdays. See our current shipping schedule for the next ship date. If you need a gift delivered immediately, select an Instant Gift Certificate to be delivered to your recipient's e-mail inbox. Overnight or Saturday Delivery orders are always shipped at the earliest possible time, usually the same or next business day.
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  • When will my order arrive?

  • The number of transit days for each delivery method are counted after the ship date. For example, if your order is scheduled to ship on a Tuesday via 2-day air, it will arrive on Thursday, which is two days after the ship date. Deliveries are unavailable for Sundays or Mondays since we avoid shipping perishables over the weekend. Only Overnight shipping will guarantee Tuesday deliveries. If you are ordering later in the week (Wednesday or Thursday) and need your order delivered on or before the weekend, FedEx Overnight or Saturday delivery is necessary.
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  • May I order now for delivery in a few weeks?

  • Yes! If you are ordering early, thank you! During checkout, you may request a delayed delivery date for a non-holiday Wednesday or Thursday in the future. If you are ordering for delivery on a specific date, FedEx is required, as Priority Mail does not guarantee specific delivery dates. Make sure you have chosen a shipping method that has a compatible time frame.
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  • How long do the various delivery methods take to arrive?

  • For this delivery method - Allow this number of days after ship date for delivery:
    Priority Mail - 2-4 Business Days after ship date (Saturday delivery may occur, but specific delivery dates are not guaranteed by the Post Office)
    2-Day Air - 2 Business Days after ship date (Saturday delivery option is $18 additional)
    Overnight - 1 Business Day after ship date (Saturday delivery option is $18 additional)
    Please note: If an incomplete or incorrect address is provided, all delivery guarantees are nullified.
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  • Can my package be Delivered without a Signature?

  • We do not recommend this, rather delivery to an address where someone is present to accept the delivery is optimal. FedEx may require a signature to release the delivery. During checkout, you may enter “Deliver without Signature” at your own risk. This option signifies your agreement to indemnify and hold harmless FedEx and/or Allison's Gourmet from any resulting claims since it is impossible to control where, at what temperature, and under what conditions your order will be delivered. The decision to “Deliver without Signature” ultimately rests with the FedEx driver's assessment of the security of the location. If the recipient has a signature waiver on file with FedEx, this "Deliver Without Signature" policy applies.
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  • What are the Shipping Requirements for Temperature-Sensitive Goods?

  • 1. The delivery address must be complete and correct.
    2. Someone must be present to receive the delivery. If "Deliver without Signature" is entered, the Guarantee is void.

  • NOTE: The Guarantee is in effect only when the above requirements are met and as long as there is no delay due to weather or other causes beyond the carrier’s control.
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  • Why is a Chill Pack Necessary?

  • Due to the temperature sensitivity of chocolate and fudge, if needed, a free Chill Pack is automatically added to orders containing chocolate and/or fudge when shipping to a destination warmer than 60 degrees. Please note that Chill Packs stay cold for only 2 days, so the Guarantee applies only if FedEx shipping is selected.
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  • What happens if I choose an incompatible Shipping Method or omit the Chill Pack?

  • We strive to make sure that you always receive our premium products in optimal condition and that every order is covered by our Guarantee. If you omit the Chill Pack or choose Priority Mail, you automatically decline our Guarantee.
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  • Can I Ship to a PO Box or APO Address?

  • Yes. USPS Priority Mail delivers to PO Boxes and APO addresses; FedEx does not. We recommend that you avoid shipping temperature-sensitive goods like fudge or chocolates to these addresses.
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  • Can I Ship to an International Address?

  • We ship within the US only due to the perishable nature of our goodies and customs delays beyond our control. If you are in Canada and near the US border, there are companies with US addresses that will receive packages. If you are shipping to a US address, an international billing address may be entered.
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  • What happens if there is a Weather Delay?

  • If there is a delivery delay that is due to weather or any other cause beyond the carrier's control, the delivery guarantee is void. A delivery attempt will be made at the earliest time that conditions permit.
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