We take our gourmet vegan fudge very seriously. We seek out the finest organic ingredients, from which we craft the smoothest, creamiest fudge you have ever tasted, vegan or otherwise. Sit back and enjoy the sweet seduction.


All of our vegan fudge is handmade and is certain to please even the most particular sweet tooth. Enjoy our organic fudge, chocolate and cookies in a gift basket or order individually. Order natural, organic and free trade gourmet fudge online for quick home delivery or call us with any questions. If you’re looking for a great gift and you can’t pick which the perfect gourmet fudge from the choices above, consider a gift certificate instead or make a friend for life with a gift of a Vegan Fudge of the Month Club membership. Seasonal fudge flavors include: Peppermint Velvet Fudge, Chocolate Orange Fudge, Walnut Fudge, Half Original/Half Walnut Fudge, Chipotle Cinnamon Fudge, Vanilla Chai White Fudge, Butterscotch Pecan Fudge, Apple Pie White Fudge and our famous Original fudge.

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