Vegan Bunny & Eggs

Our adorable vegan chocolate bunny speckled with rice crisps and flavored solid chocolate eggs make delightful vegan Easter and Springtime gifts. For more details, read the description below.

Vegan Bunny & Eggs

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4 oz Bunny
Bunny Eggs (12)
4 oz Eggs (12)

More Info About Chocolate Vegan Easter Rice Crisp Bunny & Flavored Chocolate Vegan Easter Eggs

"Speckles" Chocolate Rice Crispy Bunny: (vegan + gluten-free*) organic sugar, organic fair-trade† cacao beans, organic fair-trade† cocoa butter, organic brown rice, organic coconut butter, organic brown rice syrup, organic non-gmo soy lecithin, sea salt, pure vegan vanilla flavor, organic vanilla beans.

Flavored Solid Vegan Eggs: (vegan + gluten-free*) organic sugar, organic fair-trade† cacao beans, organic fair-trade† cocoa butter, organic coconut butter, organic non-gmo soy lecithin, organic vanilla beans. Depending upon flavor, may also contain one of the following pure vegan flavors: blackberry, coconut.


"The chocolate rice crispy bunny is so chocolaty, delicious, and perfect that I only wish Easter was year-round so I can have him more than once." Jennifer Chen, associate editor, VegNews magazine.

"If you want to go the elegant route, Allison's can't be beat." Chloé Jo Davis, Owner and Founder of GirlieGirl Army

"My sister received your delicious Easter goodies, both she and my niece were delighted with them; no doubt they will become fans!" H.M., Ireland


Our chocolate vegan Easter bunny "Speckles," is a creamy dark vegan chocolate bunny with organic rice crisps and a touch of pure vanilla. With our new signature recipe and shape, we promise that both the flavor and the texture will be equally pleasurable. 

Our new chocolate vegan Easter eggs are also a creamy dark vegan chocolate and come in an assortment of three delectable flavors: Creamy Dark Chocolate, Blackberry Bliss, and Coconut Kiss.

† Fair Trade

Fair Trade assures fair prices and fair working conditions for farmers.

* Food Allergens

Nuts: We use nuts in some of our goodies; therefore, any of our products may contain traces of nuts even when nuts are not an intended ingredient.

Dairy: Due to the limited demand for 100% dairy-free chocolate, all suppliers of the raw materials for organic chocolate use equipment that is shared with dairy. While the machines are meticulously cleaned between runs, there is a minute chance that the chocolate may contain a microscopic trace of dairy even though dairy is not an intended ingredient.

Soy: Some of our items with chocolate contain soy lecithin. See ingredients.

Gluten: All of our baked goods are made with organic oat flour, which may be milled in the same facility as wheat flour. Thus, there may be traces of wheat or gluten even though it is not an intended ingredient.

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