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10 Whole-Food Vegan Recipes from the Maven of Mmmm...

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Praline Pecan Pumpkin Pie

Praline Pecan Pumpkin Pie

Buttery pecan crust filled with a smooth and spicy pumpkin pie filling make this a dessert your guests will remember.

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Recipe + How-to Video: Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

Top vegan ice cream with this light and luscious coconut milk whipped cream.

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Recipe + How-to Video: Soft-Serve Chocolate Ice Cream

With minimal ingredients and a food processor, luscious homemade soft-serve ice cream is just a few minutes away.

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Recipe + How-to Video: Tropical Aloe Glow Smoothie

An aloe leaf was the inspiration for this smoothie made with pineapple, coconut milk, banana, lime, and vanilla protein powder.

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Recipe + How-to Video: Homemade Brazil Nut Milk

Learn how to make several varieties of homemade nut milk.

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Grilled Beet Burgers

Where's the beet? Hearty, grilled beet burgers are summer's hottest meal.

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Vegan Caesar Salad

Et tu, Caesar? The classic salad gets a dairy-free revamp worthy of a Roman emperor.

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