• "Allison's makes AMAZING vegan brownies!"

    Alicia Silverstone, Actor

  • "It's no surprise that Allison is a maven in the vegan sweets world; she's been at it for more than a decade and is a true trailblazer. Vegans near and far are fiends and fans...myself included!"

    Rory Freedman, Author

  • "I love sending Allison’s Gourmet fudge and brownies to people, especially during the holidays. Knowing that you can send a delicious gift that hasn’t harmed any animals makes me, and the animals so happy!"

    Emily Deschanel, Actor

  • "Oh my gosh! Your cookies and brownies rock! YOU rock! I took the brownies to a dinner party, and they were the hit of the evening."

    Alex Jamieson, Super-Size Me, 30 Days, Chef, and Author

  • "Allison's are our favorites -- we wish she lived at our house! Luckily we can order them through the mail."

    Linda Nealon and Kevin Nealon, Actor, Comedian

  • "Your cookies and brownies are the perfect gift: perishable, so they don't contribute to anyone's clutter; shareable so they foster friendship; delicious so they are always appreciated, and cholesterol free, so they can be eaten with uncompromised pleasure. Thanks so much for making the world more delicious."

    Patti Breitman, Author

  • "Allison's Gourmet is among a rare elite that includes the best of the best, and I'm honored to be a longtime customers.  Impeccable quality; always-friendly service and prompt delivery; classy and eco-friendly packaging. Whenever there's an occasion that calls for a gift that I hope will put a big smile on someone's face and brighten their day, or to make a good first impression, I always think of Allison's Gourmet. Everyone who I've sent their products to (myself included) have always been highly impressed, and even hints at receiving encores."

    Josyn Herce, Designer, Palo Alto, CA

  • "I don’t know what vegan means, but Allison's cookies taste even better than Mrs. Fields'!"

    Michael Bridwell , Cookie Lover, Greenville, South Carolina

  • "Your cookies are really fabulous! In fact, they are better than ever."

    James Cromwell and Julie Cobb, Actors

  • "Allison, your brownies are unreal -- you are a genius! (and I don't say that lightly)"

    Akasha Richmond, Restaurateur and Chef-to-the Stars

  • "Whenever somebody does me a huge favor that I cannot possibly repay, my first move is to send the gift of Allison’s brownies. The commitment she brings to creating the highest quality foods is unbelievable."

    Erik Marcus, Author

  • "I'm still dreaming of your cookies, Allison!!! And your brownies, ooooh... aaaaah... words fail. How could mere mortals begin to describe heaven?!!"

    Jo Stepaniak, Author

  • "Allison's Gourmet is my number one choice for business gifts. I appreciate the pure ingredients, the artful presentation and the array of flavors to appeal to every taste."

    Victoria Moran, Author

  • "I've been all over the globe, and sampled every treat I could bite into and let me tell you, Allison's Gourmet is world-class."

    Howard Lyman, Author, and President of Voice for a Viable Future

  • "Heaven, pure heaven!"

    Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA

  • "I have just tasted some of the best vegan cookies in the world at Allison’s Gourmet!"

    Davy Davidson, Board Member of Brighter Green, NYC and Environmental Volunteers, Palo Alto

  • "Your cookies and brownies are truly the best I've ever had, and I love sharing them with friends and family. I especially love supporting such a wonderful effort and thanking my own volunteers with your goodies!"

    Colleen Patrick-Goodreau, Author, and Compassionate Cooks Founder

  • "Your excellent service makes it especially delightful for us to offer your high-quality organic chocolates as welcoming gifts to our guests."

    Jeff Stanford, Owner Four Star Resort Lodge: Stanford Inn by the Sea, Mendocino, CA

  • "If you want to make a friend for life, send them something from Allison's Gourmet!"

    Francis Janes, Executive Chef

  • "Vegan living means wonderful food, caring about the people who harvest and offer the ingredients we use, caring about our planet and cultivating genuine respect for animals. Thank you to Allison's Gourmet for putting it all together, making it easy for vegans to find special-occasion gifts as conscientious as they are delicious."

    Lee Hall, Co-author, and Legal Director for Friends of Animals

  • "These are the best cookies and brownies in the world! I love to give them as gifts for birthdays and holidays."

    Linda Blair, Actor, Humanitarian

  • "The quality of the sweets from Allison's Gourmet is beyond compare - a treat in every way you define the word."

    Erin Pavlina, Psychic Medium


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