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  • Freshness Guarantee

    Unlike most products in grocery stores that sit on shelves for six months to a year, our desserts are made without preservatives and are packaged to stay fresh for up to one week if unopened. In the event that your order arrives in unacceptable condition and you followed our shipping guidelines for heat sensitive products (see below), contact us immediately to discuss re-shipment or refund options. If your order arrives damaged by shipping, it may be necessary to keep your packaging materials in order to process the claim.

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  • Storage Recommendations

    Our products are free of preservatives; therefore we recommend maintaining freshness for bakery items and fudge by freezing them for up to 3 months in a tightly sealed container or bag. To enjoy, simply thaw for 10-30 minutes at room temperature or warm cookies and brownies in a toaster oven at 200 degrees for 3-5 minutes. Keep Chocolate items and Confections in a well-sealed container in a cool, dry environment.

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  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    At Allison's Gourmet, we stand behind our service, our products and our customers. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase. If you are not completely delighted with your purchase, simply contact us immediately and we'll happily exchange it or refund the credit card used for purchase, excluding shipping charges.

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  • Quality Guarantee

    We have set forth the following requirements to protect the quality of our goods in transit:
    1. 2-Day Air or Overnight shipping must be selected for orders containing chocolate or fudge.
    2. A Chill Pack must be included when ordering items containing chocolate or fudge.
    3. There must be someone present to sign for the delivery. If there is no one to accept the delivery and the package is left at the door, or the "Deliver without Signature" option is chosen, the Guarantee is void.
    4. The delivery address must be complete and correct.
    The Allison's Gourmet Quality Guarantee is void if any of the above requirements are not followed or if there is a delay due to weather, since it is beyond the carrier’s control.

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  • Decline Guarantee

    If you choose a slower shipping method than 2-day air or decide to omit the chill pack for heat-sensitive items, you will have the option to Decline our Guarantee during checkout.

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  • Shipping Requirements for Chocolates

    If your order contains chocolates, fudge, or chocolate confection items, 2-Day Air shipping is required in order to benefit from our Quality Guarantee. A Chill Pack (frozen gel pack plus insulation) will be automatically added to for items that need it for an additional $4. If you choose a slower shipping method than 2-day air or decide to omit the chill pack for heat-sensitive items, you will have the option to Decline our Guarantee during checkout. All orders containing chocolates, fudge or chocolate confections will be shipped only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Please be sure to provide a shipping address where someone will be present to sign for delivery. See also Quality Guarantee above.

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  • Chocolate is Temperature Sensitive

    In transit, temperature fluctuations can occur and cause some of the cocoa butter to rise to the surface of the chocolate or "bloom". This is a cosmetic issue only and does not affect the flavor or quality of the chocolate.

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  • Shipping Method Options

    We use FedEx Air and USPS Priority Mail delivery services. USPS Priority Mail does not guarantee specific delivery dates for its packages, only a window of 2-4 days. FedEx Air does guarantee a delivery date corresponding to the specific shipping method chosen. We recommend choosing one of the FedEx Air shipping options for delivery of perishable products. Due to the perishable nature of our products, a Chill Pack is recommended for all orders in June, July, and August or if you are shipping anywhere above 60 degrees any time of the year. To benefit from our Quality Guarantee, a Chill Pack is required year-round for orders containing Fudge and items containing Chocolate. Please note that Chill Packs only stay cold for 2 days, so if your order requires a Chill Pack, you must also choose 2-Day Air shipping.

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  • Ordering Early

    If you are ordering early, it is possible to request a delayed delivery date for your order to be shipped. Simply make that selection during checkout.

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  • Transit Times

    For this delivery method - Allow this number of days after ship date for delivery:
    Priority Mail - 2-4 Business Days after ship date (Saturday delivery may be possible, but specific delivery dates are not guaranteed by the Post Office)
    2-Day Air - 2 Business Days after ship date (Saturday delivery option is $15 additional)
    Overnight - 1 Business Day after ship date (Saturday delivery option is $15 additional)
    Please note: If an incomplete, incorrect, or incompatible address is provided, all delivery guarantees are nullified.

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  • Weather Delay

    If there is a delivery delay that is due to weather or any other cause beyond the carrier's control, the delivery guarantee is void. A delivery attempt will be made at the earliest time that conditions permit.

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  • Deliver Without Signature

    Entering "Deliver Without Signature" in the "Optional Note to Driver" line of the shipping address authorizes FedEx to deliver your FedEx Air shipment without obtaining a signature and signifies your agreement to indemnify and hold harmless FedEx and/or Allison's Gourmet from any resulting claims. This feature is only available for FedEx Air shipments. Please Note that our Satisfaction Guarantee is void if you chose the Deliver Without Signature option as we cannot control where, at what temperature, or under what conditions your order will be delivered. If the delivery address is to an apartment and no one is present at the apartment or at a front desk, the driver may choose not to leave the package for security reasons. Additionally, if the recipient has a signature waiver on file with FedEx, our "Deliver Without Signature" policy applies.

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  • Delivery to PO Boxes or APO Addresses

    For PO Boxes or APO addresses, choose Priority Mail as your shipping method, as FedEx does not deliver to these addresses.

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  • International Shipping

    Due to the perishable nature of our products and the possibility of delays beyond our control in customs, we ship within the US only. However, if you are ordering from outside the US and would like your order shipped to a US address, our system will accept your international billing address.

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  • Order Cut-off Times

    Orders are currently shipped on Mondays. For the next ship date, add something to your cart and note the message at the top of the cart page. This information is also included in e-mailed order confirmations.

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  • Availability in Stores

    Due to our requirement that our products be enjoyed excessively fresh, we currently only sell our baked goods directly to our customers through our website rather than in stores. This way our products don't sit on a store shelf getting stale and you are assured scrumptious goodies every time.

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  • Catalog Requests

    To reduce the consumption of precious natural resources, we publish our catalog, with all available products shown, only on our website:

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  • Gift Packaging

    - Every order is elegantly gift packaged in post-consumer recycled and recyclable gift boxes. Specific gift packaging requests can be made in the "Special Instructions" field at the very end of the checkout process. (Monthly Clubs are gift-boxed for their first shipment only.)
    - Gift wrap is available for $4 on any order except gift baskets, which come completely packaged.
    - Prices are never included in our shipments.
    - A free hand-written gift card is available for each order. Enter your message during checkout.

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  • Multiple Recipients

    When shipping to multiple recipients please enter each recipient's order separately. When you create an account your billing and shipping addresses can be saved and you will have access to a "reorder" button to streamline the ordering process.

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  • Payment Options

    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and we also now offer the option for you to purchase from us using your PayPal account. Simply choose either the "Credit Card" or "PayPal" option during checkout.

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  • Substitution Policy

    On occasion, we may run out of specific products within our vegan gift baskets and gift sets. In that case, we will opt to substitute a similar item of equal or greater value to prevent a shipping delay.

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  • Food Allergens

    Nuts: We us nuts in our bakery; therefore, all of our products may contain traces of nuts even when nuts are not an intended ingredient.

    Dairy: Due to the limited demand for 100% dairy-free organic chocolate, the raw ingredients for the organic, fair-trade chocolate we use is processed on equipment previously used to process milk chocolate. The machines are cleaned meticulously between runs and thousands of pounds of dairy-free chocolate are flushed through the machines. For safety and legality, we must say that there may be a chance that chocolate items may contain traces of dairy even though dairy is never an intended ingredient.

    Soy: Some of our items with chocolate contain soy lecithin. See ingredients for each product.

    Wheat/Gluten: All of our baked goods are made with organic oat flour, which may be milled in the same facility as wheat flour. Thus, our products may contain traces of wheat or gluten even though it is not an intended ingredient.

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  • Vegan

    Allison's Gourmet is a vegan company and thus all of our products are made without animal ingredients. See Food Allergens above for information on allergen traces.

    We use only certified organic sugar, which is guaranteed vegan by the rules for organic certification, which require that filtering of sugar is not done through bone char.

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  • Kosher

    Each ingredient we use is certified Kosher. However, we have chosen not to opt for Kosher certification at this time because it is quite expensive and the premium-quality, organic ingredients and detailed hand processes we use already make for high costs.

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  • Gluten-Free/Wheat-Free

    We use organic oat flour, which may be milled in the same facility as wheat flour, in our baked goods. Thus, all of our products may contain traces of wheat or gluten even when it is not an intended ingredient.

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  • Sugar-Free

    Our goal is to offer organic, vegan desserts that are reminiscent of the taste and texture of traditional products. Because we choose to eliminate animal products, the ingredients we do use are critical to creating the right texture, which is, unfortunately, not achieved with alternative sweeteners.

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  • Nutritional Information

    The specific nutritional information of our products is not available at this time. However, all of our items are free of cholesterol and animal products. This does not mean that they are fat-free or particularly meant to be low-fat. There are many products on the market that boast these claims - it's most important to us that our organic, animal-free goodies use the finest gourmet ingredients and taste superb.

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  • Fair-Trade

    Fair-Trade assures fair prices and fair working conditions for farmers.

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  • Vegan

    All our products are vegan, which means they're made without animal ingredients (no eggs, dairy, butter or honey). Thus, our sweets are heart-healthy, cholesterol-free (cholesterol comes only from animal products), and do not contribute to the animal cruelty found in standard animal farming practices.

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  • Organic

    Organic agriculture does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, thereby protecting native plants and animals, farmers and human neighbors, as well as the water table and the entire ecosystem, from toxic pollution. It supports biodiversity and soil fertility, and is healthier for humans and the planet than petroleum-based commercial farming practices.

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  • Privacy Policy

    We honor your privacy and thus do not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute any of your contact, billing, or credit card information. We use state-of-the-art SSL encryption to protect your credit card number and billing information.
    As of February 1, 2013 Allisons Gourmet implemented a remarketing campaign whereby third-party vendors, including Google, show our ads on sites across the internet based on a user's past visit to our website. Any Allison's Gourmet visitor can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting the Ads Preferences Manager. Alternatively, users can opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

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  • Terms of Use

    By using our web site or purchasing a product from us, you agree to the guidelines as set forth in this policy page. We will post any changes to our policy on this page.

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