Organic Drinking Chocolate Sampler

Cold or hot? Vanilla or peppermint? Any way you like it, this sampler lets you savor our one-of-a-kind drinking chocolate in all its diversity.

Organic Drinking Chocolate Sampler


Contents 4.5 oz Van. Drinking Choc. 4.5 oz Mint Drinking Choc.

More Info About Organic Drinking Chocolate Sampler

Classic Vanilla Drinking Chocolate [Hot Cocoa]: (vegan+ gluten-free*) organic fair trade† cocoa, organic sugar, organic vanilla.
Peppermint Drinking Chocolate [Hot Cocoa]: (vegan+ gluten-free*) organic fair trade† cocoa, organic sugar, organic peppermint.


"Allison shows that vegan desserts can be better than good; they can be totally mind-numbingly, drool-inducingly, swear-off-all-other-food-because-it'll-never-be-this-good-again awesome. " K.F. and T.F., Brooklyn, NY - Raven + Crow Studio

"Talk about substance... Allison's Gourmet is full of goodness in every sense of the word. Sooooo ridiculously good for your taste-buds, the animals, the environment, and your health. Good taste and pure expertise from the original vegan bakery will tantalize you with every. single. mouthwatering. bite." Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Vaute Couture

† Fair Trade

Fair Trade assures fair prices and fair working conditions for farmers.

* Food Allergens

Nuts: We use nuts in some of our goodies; therefore, any of our products may contain traces of nuts even when nuts are not an intended ingredient.

Dairy: Due to the limited demand for 100% dairy-free chocolate, all suppliers of the raw materials for organic chocolate use equipment that is shared with dairy. While the machines are meticulously cleaned between runs, there is a minute chance that the chocolate may contain a microscopic trace of dairy even though dairy is not an intended ingredient.

Soy: Some of our items with chocolate contain soy lecithin. See ingredients.

Gluten: All of our baked goods are made with organic oat flour, which may be milled in the same facility as wheat flour. Thus, there may be traces of wheat or gluten even though it is not an intended ingredient.

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